Pendulum Dowsing


The pendulum is a humble, but powerful, tool of self-insight. A dowsing pendulum is typically a rock or crystal that hangs on the end of a string or chain. The pendulum is used as a way of gaining spiritual and material insight. Traditionally, dowsing pendulums were used to locate hidden water, minerals, and other hidden objects beneath the ground. The dowsing pendulum works by connecting us to the unconscious mind, also known as the Akashic Records.

When you’re using a pendulum, the energy of the answer creates an unconscious response in your muscles, causing the pendulum to move in your ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ swing pattern. This provides an outer demonstration of your inner knowing, making it easier to recognize In other words, our body outwardly expresses what we know within. When you ask a question, universal intelligence answers. Your body receives the answer energetically as intuitive guidance, often experienced directly as a thought or idea, a feeling, or a sense of knowing. Advanced pendulum dowsing uses scales and charts to go beyond simple yes/no answers to answers that give much greater detail.

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